Our everyday coffee is Amore from Cafe Amore

Origin - Ethiopia, Brazil and Honduras: Roast - Light: Body - Medium: Profile - A sweet and bright espresso with a fruity finish.

Our current guest coffee is No1 Tall, dark and handsome from Couture Coffee Beans

A unique mix of Arabica & the Lintong bean, making it have velvety smooth hints of natural Indian honey at first sip, going into darker, earthy notes, rounded off by being very smooth to the taste. It is a taste of India & the East Indies like no other.

The Bean Rover is a converted Defender 110 Land Rover

It has a Francino 2 head coffee machine and a two hopper grinder ensuring all coffee is freshly ground to get a delicious shot of espresso.

A Landrover is a brilliant vehicle and it is able to cope with most terrains.

We can get there.

If you would like to book us for your event, please get in touch.

The coffee

The vehicle