Defender 110 - a double shot latte, a long foamed milky drink

Defender 90 - a latte with a single shot for those prefer less coffee

V8 - a double espresso a short strong coffee fuels your day

Jeep - an americano a shot of espresso topped up with water with milk added to taste
Clarkson - a foamed milk, cappuchino , doesn't pack much of a punch but very popular.
Unleaded - decaffeinated on request.

Extras - a range of syrups to add to flavour your coffee or hot chocolate

Additional drinks

Hot chocolate - Belgium chocolate mixed with foamed hot milk

All wheel drive HC - Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream

Dual Fuel - a Mocha coffee and hot chocolate for those who can't quite make up their mind

A proper job - Tea using Yorkshire Tea

Fruit teas and green teas

Water and coke


The snacks will change according to the venue and needs of the event.

Please ask if there is a certain item you require we will do our best to provide

Home made cakes and biscuits including

Muddy Puddle Muffins  -Gooey chocolate centre

Tough Terrain Full-leaded Gain - Nuts and caramel flapjack

Off-road Rock Cakes - Scones with a bit of an attitude

Rocky Road - Rocky road